“This will last until the day roses on my grave stop sharing roots with the roses on yours,” he declared. “I will have you even in death, little witch. I am your beast. I am your madness. And you, you’re my afterlife.” ― RuNyx, Gothikana  

Goodreads Synopsis:

An outcast her entire life, Corvina Clemm is left adrift after losing her mother. When she receives the admission letter from the mysterious University of Verenmore, she accepts it as a sign from the universe. The last thing she expects though is an olden, secluded castle on top of a mountain riddled with secrets, deceit, and death.

An enigma his entire life, Vad Deverell likes being a closed book but knowing exactly everything that happens in the university. A part-time professor working on his thesis, Vad has been around long enough to know the dangers the castle possesses. And he knows the moment his paths cross with Corvina, she's dangerous to everything that he is.

They shouldn't have caught each other's eye. They cannot be. But a chill-inducing century-old mystery forces them to collide. People have disappeared every five years for over a hundred years, and Corvina is getting clues to unraveling it all, and Vad needs to keep an eye on her.

And so begins a tale of the mystique, the morbid, the macabre, and a deep love that blossoms in the unlikeliest of places. 

My Thoughts:

First of all, I have to mention how GORGEOUS this book is sitting on any bookshelf!! 

This story is incredibly immersive as you dive headfirst into Corvina's head and her life at Verenmore. The academy with its rich history and spooky legends had me hooked from the very beginning. As Corvina starts to uncover pieces of both the school and herself, I found myself turning the pages well into the night. The romance was forbidden and dark, but so, so beautiful. And while this story has a happy ending, there have been a few loose ends to leave way for an intriguing sequel. I will be first in line for another RuNyx gothic romance!

 “If this is madness,” she whispered almost against his lips, “drown me in it.” ― RuNyx, Gothikana